Photo deco & photo mirror

Have one or more photos engraved as a picture of your choice in a mirror surface according to your taste. Thus, with a few clicks of the mouse, you created a high-quality personal wall decoration that you will enjoy for a long time. Wall photo deco, photo mirror or photo art is a perfect way to make a whole room shine anew.

Photo images gallery ideas for sophisticated walls

A very unusual individual and noble looking photo mural or decorative gift are the mirror with high quality photography engraving. Create a mirror image for the birth of a child with a personal photo and text with name as well as date of birth, or a photo collage of your family or best friends. Another great gift idea for the anniversary or wedding anniversary is to design the mirror with photos of your partner and yourself.

With photography picture mirror, make your home more beautiful.

Do empty walls in niches, hallways or on stairs puzzle you? Are there special corners in your apartment or house that you thought you were at a loss to decorate?
With our wall photo gallery decoration ideas this is over. In the future, hang your pictures exactly in the place where they will create a special effect!

Decoration idea: modern photo mirror as a decorative object

Photography deco photo mirrors are a wonderful decoration idea. Beautiful souvenir photo, photo collage, personal photo clock or a soccer fut card. From blank walls, which previously radiated a boring aura in your living area, you can turn into modern design picture walls. Appeared and like the bedroom, kitchen or living room.

With the image upload option, you can generate very personal favorite images or photos on high-quality wall murals. The special photo mirror is ideal as a style element or as a whole photo gallery for all rooms.