Word & Scripture murals

Spoken words are very powerful. The written words can last in pictures or books for eternity. A single word can transform a simple day into beautiful ones, make you think, make you smile or feel content, make you happy and fulfilled. Certain words at a certain time simply create emotions.

Our collection of words and writing murals offers a wide variety of motifs for your walls. From the most profound to the funniest sayings and terms. Some scripture motifs are cool, others clever, some just good design motifs. The right sayings & words are sure to create stimulating conversations among your friends, family and visitors.


Since the image is like a being endowed with language, it is natural to assume that the "language" of the image can be read as text. With the inclusion of typography, the content, purpose or expression of a text can be emphasized in a variety of ways. The message of a text can be additionally supported visually or even changed.

Based on these language texts or illustrations attributed to the image, the image is, so to speak, declared to be a book that can be read. The "reading" of an image to gain meaning from it is not the same as being able to interpret that used in language.

Nowadays, the term photography no longer refers to writing, although the original word is "light writing".
Words and images are even regarded as competing media, although they belong together inseparably.


The expression of a writing or words can be figuratively emphasized by different writing fonts, calligraphy quotes, quotation drawings, writing quotes, life motto sayings.
Such artistic representation techniques are often used in typography or illustration, the art itself.

Various language formatting such as word definition, which we know very well from lexicon, or the typical italic design of a quote. A funny saying with matching font and beautifully designed paragraphs on a wall in the living room or the office is, nowadays becomes a modern decorative element. A mural with a saying in a trendy dialect is always guaranteed to get people talking. Even on bad days, this kind of wall art will surely make you smile.

Expressive quote or saying transform drab living walls into a statement. These images are as individual as a home! Creative combination of words becomes art and has always been an interesting element of interior design.