Personalized mural mirror

Individual personalized mirror murals, with a matching motif and an original dedication are a great gift idea with a great surprise effect. Images personalized, with desired date, desired name or a personal text are best suited as gifts, as they will appeal to individuals and certainly cause great enthusiasm.

Personalized mirror murals

Always suitable Gifts for certain occasions like BirthdaysChristmas, etc. can sometimes also be exhausting. Whether as a fancy decoration for your home, or as a surprise for a special occasion, is entirely up to you.

Personalized, custom mirror murals with a matching motif and an original dedication is often a super solution.
Ultimately, you will get an individual high-quality work of art with a beautiful motif and a personal dedication suitable for the occasion. Your love, joy and other people who means a lot to you, will certainly be pleased. The more personal it hardly goes!

Modern personalized decoration wall mirror design!

Individually created wall mirrors are trendy living ideas for your own four walls. And all this for a small price.

The design of our personalizable mirrors is very simple. From one of our many design motifs to choose a favorite. The options for personalization of the mural can be made directly on desired product. With the option preview you can immediately check whether the created look is exactly what you want.

And that's all. So effortlessly with us will create a gift for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, Valentine's Day, wedding and many other occasions.

Are you looking for a special picture with an individual touch?

Personalized engraved mirrors are home accessories and modern wall mural gifts and decorative wall elements.

Browse at your leisure through our assortment and choose your favorite motif. You will find a wide selection of personalizable motifs.

Perfect souvenirs for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, wedding anniversaries, as a token of love, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, baptism, anniversary or Christmas.
If you can't find the right motif in our selection, just send us a message via our contact form. We are sure to find exactly the right one for you!

Individual family motif wall mural as wall decoration

Family is also another word for cohesion. You can also show that with pleasure. With us it is possible to create a very personal family collage within a few minutes.

The family surname engraved on high quality crystal mirror, provided in a detailed high-quality engraving. A picture with a family slogan, a beautiful saying or motif, is the perfect way to highlight the cohesion of the family.

Incredibly effective is a suitable personal and individual design picture in one of the places where family members meet, spend quality time together. On such a wall could soon hang a mural with your own desired motif.

Personal photo motif on a mirror

In addition to our existing motifs, there are also personal photography photo motifs to choose from, with which you can design your wall mirror image yourself. To do this, simply press the Customize button on a customizable wall mirror and use our product designer.
Upload one or more photos wish photos and you create a modern work of art from your own experience snapshots and personal moments. Create in a simple way a personalized mirror collage to give as a gift or for yourself.

Especially popular as a sign of friendship or love for birthdays or other occasions are our friendship pictures with beautiful photo motif, saying or a dedication suitable for the occasion. To make the surprise unique, a beautiful photo with a personal moment for two can additionally be engraved on the mirror mural.