Bathroom murals and bathroom mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors are not without reason for a long time one of the most popular home and bathroom accessories. Used correctly, stylish mirror murals, can positively change the complete mood and atmosphere of the wellness oasis. Experience and redesign your bathroom! Set the scene for your bathroom wall with stunning and moisture-resistant mirror decorative pictures.

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Showing 1–30 of 32 results

Modern decoration - bathroom murals are eye-catchers

A bathroom picture serves as a creative and elementary element in bathroom design. Modern Decorative murals and motif mirrors give a bath cozy and pleasant SPA atmosphere, where you should feel good!
For this reason, decorative mural bathroom mirrors have long been one of the most popular apartment accessories.

Dreamy mirror images for bathroom walls, with personalized motif engraving as a mural. In our Shop you will find the right theme for every room. Our bathroom pictures perfectly set the scene for your style and become an eye-catcher!

Wall murals can, positively change the overall mood and atmosphere of your wellness or toilet rooms. Funny Sayings, Bath Rules, Quotes, Mind games or suitable Typography. Find your perfect theme from our image theme selection and transform your bathroom into a more relaxing place.

Empty walls are monotonous and look boring. At Dein-Detail you will find the design that fits your style. In addition, you have the choice of your visuals in your own hands.

Why deco bathroom mirrors are best suited for bathrooms?

Decorative bathroom mirrors convince not only with a very beautiful design and variety of themes, but also with a very high water resistance, quality, as well as enormous durability.

The perfect choice for bathrooms are materials such as glass, acrylic or just decorative mirrors. Made of high quality crystal mirror, finely hand engraved sandblasting technology, our Motif mirror particularly resistant to moisture, even next to a sink or the bathtub. In addition, the noble look through shiny, detailed engraving, which brings a real eye-catcher in the bathroom.

Bathrooms have higher humidity than other rooms. The humidity increases especially after showering or bathing. Therefore, it is important that murals in washrooms are resistant to moisture and do not suffer damage.

Bathroom mirror decorative pictures are protected from moisture in the bathroom or have high moisture suitability. Therefore, pictures purchased from us can be installed without hesitation, in any place of your bathroom. They can be easily hung even directly next to the shower or the bathtub.

That certain something missing in your guest bathroom?

Your guest toilet is stylishly furnished, but something is still missing? No problem, even a Guest WC can be chic.

Complete the look with unusual or funny murals that will surprise visitors to the quiet room. About the design of the walls in the guest toilet, many people do not care enough. This is really amazing, because the wall decoration has a huge impact in this toilet and bathroom spaces!

The good news is, there are endless designs and design options. Starting with funny sayings, Bathroom rules, wall quotes, Labyrinth mind games, typographical representations to motif images that create a harmonious mood. Matching decorative murals can bring peace and relaxation to this living area, provide mental occupation or bring a smile to the visitor.

Motif mirrors are suitable for large and free bathroom walls, but also for smaller guest toilets or toilet rooms. Design their toilet walls entirely according to the motto: Allowed is what pleases!