Together Loved decoration picture

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Decorative picture with a motif of affection for partner or family. Super gift wall mural for Together Loved. Romantic personalized image on a mirror.



Gift mural with saying "And so together they built a life they loved" in English. Decorative wall mural with saying about love and family, with high quality engraving on a mirror. The image motif is created by mirror engraving by hand, with a very high level of detail and durability.

Motif or saying Together Loved we engrave by means of high-quality engraving technology on a mirror. Since each mural is engraved individually only after order, we gladly accept your wishes, as far as feasible.

Show and tell again how important love is to you. Give the expression of your love in a new way with this love gift.

Loving together mural

  • Engraving saying: And so together they built a life they loved
  • Optional size: 30 x 30 cm or 55 x 55 cm
  • Includes wall mounting, product info and drilling template
  • high quality sharp engraving (handmade) to the smallest detail
  • Product type: high quality silver crystal mirror incl polished edges
  • Picture frame is not included, but can be ordered separately.

Personalized motif decorative pictures are original and unique and always a nice surprise as a gift for your loved one!

A concealed wall hook (which is included) is securely attached to the back of our mirror murals, allowing the mirror to be hung directly.

Additional information

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Product type

Delivery time: 1 - 4 days (DHL)**

Product Type: Engraved mirror

Mirror thickness: 4mm

Scope of delivery: Mirror, wall mounting, product info + drilling template

Notice: The frame shown in the product image is not included!

Our mirrors are not only elegant and space-enlarging home accessories, but also a very durable and long-lasting way to display art and your favorite motifs within your own four walls.

In addition, each mirror to 100% is handmade and therefore always unique in its appearance, especially if you have chosen a personalized mirror.

All mirrors are processed by us by means of sandblasting, which gives each motif a very high detail density and durability. Compared to printed mirrors or conventional poster printing, it is not possible for the motif to wear off or otherwise deteriorate.

So unless you drop your mirror, you truly have an image that is meant to last forever. Each mirror comes with a wall mount as standard, but you can also order matching spacers or frames as an option.

** Applies to deliveries within Germany. Delivery times for other countries can be found under this link can be viewed.