Say No Evil

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"Say nothing" from the Japanese proverb of the "Three Monkeys."

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The three wise monkeys, which embodies the proverbial principle of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." There are a few different explanations for the meaning. In the Buddhist tradition, the teachings of the proverb are about not dwelling on evil thoughts. The proverb and image are often used to refer to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of man to acknowledge impropriety, refuse, look the other way, or feign ignorance. Thus, also a call Say No Evil (not to be evil or mean).

The wise monkeys are:

  • Mizaru: who sees no evil, covers his eyes
  • Kikazaru: who hears no evil, covers his ears
  • Iwazaru : who speaks no evil, covers his mouth

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Our mirrors are not only elegant and space-enlarging home accessories, but also a very durable and long-lasting way to display art and your favorite motifs within your own four walls.

In addition, each mirror to 100% is handmade and therefore always unique in its appearance, especially if you have chosen a personalized mirror.

All mirrors are processed by us by means of sandblasting, which gives each motif a very high detail density and durability. Compared to printed mirrors or conventional poster printing, it is not possible for the motif to wear off or otherwise deteriorate.

So unless you drop your mirror, you truly have an image that is meant to last forever. Each mirror comes with a wall mount as standard, but you can also order matching spacers or frames as an option.

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