Sell art easily online

The Internet has become indispensable for the successful sale of artwork. However, it is not easy for artists from their own website to directly reach the desired group. With our experience as an art and furniture store, we offer artists a suitable way to sell their artwork.

How can I apply as an artist at Dein-Detail?

We are looking for young talents or established artists who would like to offer their artwork through Dein-Detail.

If you are interested, send us an email through our contact, tell us about your artistic background and send us examples of your work.

Why present your artwork at Dein-Detail?

We offer artists to present their artwork on a special medium and help to present your art in an optimal way and to sell it successfully. And all this without any risk or costs.

From presentation to purchase, we attach great importance to optimized processes.

Dear Creatives & Artists,

We specialize in mirror engraving and are looking for artists to expand our variety of products. We have developed various ways to immortalize art and other motifs in mirror surfaces by laser and/or sandblasting. By limiting to 2 materials, art and motifs with only 2 colors such as black and white are perfect for our desired purpose.

A mirror is not only a space-enlarging and elegant home accessory, but also a way to showcase art in an innovative way. Depending on the thickness of the mirror, engravings on the front of the mirror surface can lead to a desired 3D effect. Engraving on the back makes the 3D disappear, but reveals the possibility of backlighting the mirror and using it as an atmospheric light source. We offer both solutions to ensure the best possible display of motifs and art. There is simply nothing more beautiful than to present art on a mirror, because of the extraordinary appearance of a mirror surface.

For each picture we sell with your motives you will receive 10 % of the turnover. Every 6 months they will receive their commission. We have a very complex production process here, which cannot be compared with the printing process commonly used in the market.


24 inch (approx. 61 cm) × 16 inch (approx. 41 cm)

22 inch × 22 inch (approx. 56 cm)

39 inch (approx. 99 cm) × 22 inch (approx. 56 cm)

Sincerely yours Detail Team

What advantages do you have with us?

  • We offer you a wider reach than many classic art galleries
  • Your art is offered on a special medium like mirror or other
  • We take care of the entire customer service
  • Your original artwork stays with you
  • Easy sending of your art motif by form or mail
  • There are no costs for production, transport or returns for you

To sell our products, we have prepared an online store that is promoted on many different social media platforms with 3D rendered visualizations. To add your art to our store, all we need is a digital high-quality version and the usage rights. Artist name and additional information will be displayed on the product page and also in our partner overview, so your art will gain even more visibility and reach.

We assure the best possible presentation of your art on a truly unique product that has nothing to do with an art print or similar. This way we try to achieve an overall benefit for both parties and a long-term cooperation. We have attached a sample visualization and would be happy to include your artwork in our catalog. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to find an adequate agreement.

Artist registration form

  • Interest in being listed as an artist on Dein-Detail
  • If you are interested, send us an email through our contact, tell us about your artistic background